Introducing the Kyso Community - Publish and Share your Notebooks


In this short guide, I'm going to explain how you can effortlessly publish and share notebooks on the newest version of Kyso. We have drastically upgraded our sharing functionality via our 'Publish' page. Your notebooks don't even have to be created on the Kyso platform. Simply upload or 'drag & drop' your files into the Kyso publisher and voila! - your notebook is automatically rendered beautifully the Kyso way. You even have the option to hide or show your code, making your work accessible to technical and non-technical readers alike.

Upload Files from your Computer to Kyso


Step 1: Log in to Kyso (or sign up!!).

Step 2: Navigate to our upload tab at the top.

Step 3: Click on the dropbox to open your file manager and then just select the jupyter notebook you want to publish.

Step 4: Select a name for your study.

Step 5: Click the 'Upload' button. Your file will be loaded and then rendered into Kyso's blog format. See an example below.

Loading output library...

Clicking 'upload' also automatically publishes your project. You can simply click 'Make Private' at the top of your now rendered blog to reverse this.

What can you do now with your published blog?

Loading output library...

Above is a snapshot of the very top of a simple project I published on the predictability of stock returns.

Once you have 'published' your notebook & it has been rendered, you can now easily:

  • Toggle your code when sharing, depending on whether the readers are technical or non-technical.
  • Print your study.
  • Embed the blog on another website, for which we provide three different iframes, depending on whether you wish to show, hide or only show code outputs.
  • Clone the study, which will save it as a repository on your Kyso profile, allowing you to open another jupyter notebook, extend and/or alter your study. You can even clone someone else's study and run their models on your own data!!
  • Rate other people's work. As you can see, somebody has already 'starred' my study (okay, maybe that somebody was me). But this is a great feature to start gaining a bit of an audience!
  • Share your work. When you click on 'share' at the top, you have the option to post it on a number of different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also simply copy & paste the blog's url anywhere you like!

Your blog gets its own domain on Kyso, so it is now an easily identifiable url. The example I shared above is available to view at: You can even clone the study if you like & run the model on your own stock data!