prepared for

got to

choose download as excel

first we import pandas

then we load the excel file

as an excel file might contain several sheets, we just check

Loading output library...

now let us load that sheet and have a look at our raw data

Loading output library...

it seems that we have many superfluous data that we need to eliminate. let the cleaning begin

  • we have 3 unneeded rows at the begining
  • we have 4 unneeded columns at the end
  • we have some unneeded 21 rows at the end

if you already inspected the sheet in excel before you could just skip the rows at the begining on loading the file or do it now

Loading output library...

now let us remove the 21 unneeded rows at the end

Loading output library...

our next target is the four rows at the end. we do it by

Loading output library...

there we have our nice data waiting for us ^^_ to crunch it