Which one would you like the most?


‘Cumberland Spiced Veggie Sausages and Mash’ or ‘Vegetarian Sausages and Mash’?

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The following study shows the effect on sales after changing the name of vegetarian dishes into a more appealing once.

The data covers 28 different coffee shops, each one has two vegetarian dishes for breakfast and two for lunch. 16 weeks was the total period used to test the results, and it covers 8 weeks before the name was change and 8 weeks after the dish name changed.

The percentage of each target vegetarian dish sold, were calculated using mixed effects logistic regression,having an account the odds (or likelihood) for the dish to be chosen based on the cafe location, the alternative name or if it was before or after names were changed.

The following graphs show the result of this experiment.

What is more appealing “Meat-free Breakfast” or “Garden Breakfast” or “Field-grown Breakfast” or “Feel Good Fry Up” ?

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The data shows an increase in the sales of all the new target dishes vs the original one "Meat-free Breakfast". An uplift of 8.07% for "Feel Good Fry Up", 11.94% for "Garden Breakfast" and 7.38% for "Feel Good Fry Up".

What do you feel like for lunch “Vegetarian Sausages and Mash” or “Field-grown Sausages and Mash” or “Cumberland Spiced Veggie Sausages and Mash” or ““Better Sausages and Mash”?

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The difference here was significant, “Field-grown Sausages and Mash” increased 51% vs the original name "Vegetarian Sausages and Mash". And even more for the “Cumberland Spiced Veggie Sausages and Mash” dish, the increase in this once was 76% vs the control vegetarian dish name.

What do you prefer to eat, an “Florentine Lasagne” or a “Triple Cheese” or a “Slow Roasted Vegetable Lasagne”?

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In this case, nevertheless the new target names were associated with a decrease in sales, a 4.7% decrease on sales for the "Florentine Lasagne" and 0.8% descresea on sales for the "Triple Cheese and Slow roasted Vegetable Lasagne" target dish.