road, is it ANY different from M1? Yes it is

  • closure_type ANY of them are not Planned works?
  • traffic_managment Carrigeway Closure, anything else?
  • Is status of ANY of them not Firm? Yes, some of them are provisional
  • What is the region, in which the works are preformed, like literaly, it all should be in some rectengular between some max and min (easting,northing)
  • Whay is the most busy period?
  • What is the longest road?
  • What is the oldest road? Is it the most broken one?
  • What is the buisest period? On which road?
  • Which roads (parts) would be completely unavaliable during which period?

Map can help to understand, what is going on.

24/7 works must have special treatment.

About coordinates


It seems, that coordinate system, used in file is called "projected coordinates".


About reasons





How to group data? By date probably. What are the time bounds? What is the most broken road?

Pandas by default can't read the xml, python std can convert it into dictionary. Data seems to have fixed fields, and can be represented as table.

Now I create Pandas DataFrame I use this instrument due to it's powerfull data manipulation and sorting analysis. I can always go back to std python data structures.

Loading output library...

Data file "./he_roadworks_2016_02_29" contains 2196 data entries with unique ref numbers.

Now some refactoring.

Loading output library...
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I assume it is 2016 and it is around March, since the "newest" raw data file is dated of March 2016.

The busiest day


Here I determine the day in 2016 with the highest ammount of roadwork situations. I assume, in this context this information may be interesting.

The busiest place


Here I determine two things: the city in UK with the most ammount of roadworks in 2016. And second, the city with the highest amount of roadworks per day. This information may be important, since such place is better to be avoid by the drivers, who may choose another mean of transport during either 2016 or a specific date.

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Map view


Data contains, besides all the datetime and string information, also coordinates, I can add this data to make the location of the roadworks clear.

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