How environmentally efficient are our economies?

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I recently posted this aritcle on CO2 emissions on a per-capita basis, as a more effective comparative measure of countries' impacts on the environment. So the map tells us how citizens of each country contribute on average to global warming.

But what about a measure of how environmentally efficient economies are? For that, we need to divide our annual CO₂ emissions by the annual GDP of each country to get the number of metric tonnes it takes in each country to produce one unit of economic output.

Ratio of CO2 Emissions to Total GDP

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You'll see that, for Northern America and South East Asia, the maps very much tell a different story. For example, while the US produces a large amount of CO2 per citizen, due to its strong economic performance, its economy is actually more environmentally efficient than it seems.

And, on a per-capita basis:

CO2 Emissions vs GDP per-capita

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Pretty interesting! Those black data points, India & China, are likely due to their respective rapid industrializations, not to mention a greater level of inequality as opposed to Western countries.

Data Source:

UN 2016 figures were used as the original chart for GDP emissions only had up-to-date data for every country up until 2016.