CubedSphere Basic design: data structure and functionalities


Data Structure


A "CubeSphere object" is simply an xarray DataSet with a specific format:

  • Data variables must contain dimensions (tile, y, x), to represent 6 tiles of the cubed-sphere. There's no restriction on additional dimensions.
  • Those coordinate variables are required for any visualizations:
    • lon (tile, y, x)
    • lat (tile, y, x)
    • lon_b (tile, y+1, x+1)
    • lat_b (tile, y+1, x+1)
  • The area information is not required but strongly recommended for taking conservative binning:
    • area (tile, y, x)

Below is an example from the GFDL-FV3 output.

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Direct visualization without regridding to lat-lon


Basic cubed-sphere plot


With coordinate information available, we can plot the data with one function, without regridding to lat-lon.

plotCS_quick( ) simply calls plt.colormesh( ) 6 times. It only works with the PlateCarree projection and does not show the cells near map boundaries. But it is very fast and can be used for rough checking.

To-do list:

  • A better-looking (but possibly slower) method that correctly shows all cells and works with other projections.
  • A cleaner wrapper to avoid passing ds twice (need to solve
  • Hook the plotting method to DataArray or to Axis.
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Note: For the rest of this notebook we use the wrapper function plotCS( ) for convenience. Will need to decide which method should be default based on both appearance and performance.

Tunning other details


All details including colormap, colorbar and gridline can be tuned as usual. There's nothing special with the cubesphere plot.

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Binning over physical dimensions


xarray's multi-dimensional groupby allows us to take zonal/meridonal average without regridding to lat-lon. This is much faster and more accurate than first regridding to lat-lon and then taking average.

If the "area" coordinate variable is present, the binning will be weighted by area; otherwise uniform weights will be used.

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Cartopy subplots


We can set up subplots as usual -- nothing special with cubed-sphere. However, as Cartopy documentation is not very comprehensive (especially about subplots), we make some examples here.

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subplots with separated colorbars

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Subplots with common colorbars

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