Global Unicorn Club: Private Companies Valued at $1B+


The term “unicorn” describes any privately-held startup worth $1 billion or more.

Over the last decade, the number of unicorns worldwide has increased dramatically. The startup boom has rocketed, and capital has been flowing across borders more efficiently than ever before.

The top 309 unicorns are valued at a combined sum of nearly $1.2 trillion.

Data is downloaded from the CB Insights Unicorn Tracker, and is up to date as of January 2019.

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Top 10 Unicorns By Valuation

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Together, the top 10 unicorns are worth a total of $409 Billion, which is approx 36% of the total value of all 309 companies in our dataset, and are made up of American (blue) and Chinese (red) companies.

ByteDance is the world’s largest unicorn at a $75 billion valuation.

Geographical Breakdown of all Unicorns

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The United States accounts for nearly half the world's unicorns, including 7 of the top 10 by valuation. Chinese unicorns make up over a quarter of the total number. Next in line are the United Kingdom and India. The rest come from 23 different countries, which amounts to a mere 47 companies out of 309.

Industry Breakdown

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The two most common sectors for unicorns are Internet Software Services and E-commerce.

But, if we group by valuation, the industry most valued by investors is On-Demand, which includes companies like Uber, BlaBlaCar and Deliveroo. This is followed by Fintech, which includes Coinbase, Gusto, Revolut and Robinhood.

Grouping By Valuation

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8 unicorns account for 35% of all of the value of the entire landscape. The bottom tier ($1-5 billion valuation) holds 197 companies. Only 29 companies make up the 2 middle tiers.